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Water, Water Everywhere

Question: I love seltzer water, especially the lemon and lime varieties. I’ve noticed that many people drink plain bottled water without any carbonation. Is there any problem with the carbonated water?

Answer: It’s good that you are drinking water every day, ideally six to eight glasses a day. For some, the carbonated water could cause a problem by acidifying a body that is already too acid. Seltzer is made with carbon dioxide gas and carbon dioxide reacts with water to form carbonic acid. Our bodies work better when they are slightly alkaline–the opposite of the acidity. Try switching to plain water–you could be one of those people who feel better that way.

Question: I do not like drinking plain water. Do the coffee, tea, and juices I drink count towards the daily recommended amount of water.

Answer: Black tea and coffee don’t count because they contain too much caffeine. Juices and herbal teas do count for your daily required liquids. I recommend that you drink half of your liquids as plain water. One reason that I like plain water is that it kills the ever-present and nasty sweet tooth. To ease the transition, non-carbonated, flavored waters are perfectly okay