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Summer Traveling

If you want to keep healthy and keep your weight in line, there is good news and bad news.

First, the bad news: A lot of the easy-to-pack snacks are processed foods with poor quality ingredients. And there are lots of restaurants along the way, but many are fast foods or fryer heaven.

Here is the good news: There are a lot of healthy meals and snacks out there for your trip.

  1. Bring foods along. Keep fruit and sliced low-fat cheese in the cooler. Almond or peanut butter in a celery stick is widely liked.
  2. Get to enjoy water – and beware that some flavored water beverages are soft drinks in disguise – for example, VitaminWater™ has 150 calories per bottle. Try coconut water which is also a healthy drink.
  3. Find some foods in fast food restaurants that fit your meal plan – like the salads in McDonalds and the chili at Wendy’s.
  4. Keep the cooler stocked up for when you are in small towns and campgrounds – not many choices there.

And what’s your favorite sandwich for the beach?

 I like to pack a pita with tomatoes, cukes, fresh basil leaves, canned white beans and walnuts with balsamic and olive oil dressing. Another healthy favorite is a falafel sandwich with salad, hummus and dressing. Roll-ups are good for the beach because the food is held in better than with slices of bread – try chipolte sauce on chicken pieces with lettuce, carrots, mint and cucumber in a whole wheat rollup.