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Its Easy To Be Green

What do you think of when you think of being more “green” with your eating habits? Do you think it means going vegetarian or eating only organics? My ideas are pretty much similar to Michael Pollan’s “Eat food (real, not processed). Not too much. Mostly plants.” I recommend eating much less beef (which causes 17% of greenhouse gases). I notice that many of my clients rarely eat fish. I would like to see people eat fish once or twice per week. They also don’t eat enough whole grains or nuts. Don’t be fooled by a box that claims “Natural.” There is no legal definition to that word and it is meaningless on a box of food. Check out the Dirty Dozen list from The Environmental Working Group (EWG.org). This helps you stay away from the most contaminated fruits and vegetables. And “can” the bottled water! Tap water is safe and healthy, and you can always filter it if you wish. You and the planet will be healthier – less chronic disease, less foodborne illness, more clean water.