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Ever since the release of significant amounts of radiation from the Fukushima daiichi nuclear power plant in Japan, people have been asking if there is anything they can do to protect themselves from radiation exposure. There are 2 levels of concern; one is for people who have a sudden exposure to a large amount of radiation.

A new study has demonstrated that consumption of a wide variety of antioxidants 24 hours after acute radiation exposure will significantly help lessen the damaging effects of such exposure.

As for chronic exposure to low levels: In an animal study, research showed that blueberry and strawberry extrscts helped prevent brain damage from radiation exposure. The more varied the colors eaten the better, as different colors protected different areas of the brain. So in this day and age, the old adage to “eat the rainbow” is more important than ever. And as for supplements, again use products with several different color compounds in them, and not just one that is advertised to be “the best”.